An Interview with Max Holliday

“Years later when my sister and then my brother passed, I remember my friends picking me up having a game night. It was those moments that remind me why games are so important in my life.”

-Max Holliday

I had the pleasure speaking with Max Holliday about the Youth Resource Center on September 23rd, 2019.

TheCharityBoardGamer: Max, thank you so much for talking with me today. Tell us about yourself and what brought you into the board game hobby.

Max: Thanks for chatting with me. My name is Max Holliday, and I’m a game designer/graphic artist. I’ve worked on over thirty published games in the last nineyrs. I’ve been playing boards for so I don’t remember what brought me into it. I started playing MTG in 93-94 and I’ve been playing games ever since. I guess I would say it was an escape for me. Every major good or bad event in my life was followed by playing board games.

TheCharityBoardGamer: What are a couple of the games that you have worked on?

Max: Well the first game I made was Eaten By Zombies!!! and the most resent game was Bring out yer Dead!

TheCharityBoardGamer: So what is currently your go-to game at the moment?

Max: well… I’ve been playing a lot of Quacks of Quedlinburg, but I’ll play Clank in Space or Last Will just about anytime. Oh, and a lot Wingspan… and I can’t wait to get may hands on Era: Medieval.

TheCharityBoardGamer: How did playing board games help you after these good or bad events? 

Max: When my grandfather died, it was playing games that helped me deal with the first big lost I experienced in my life. Years later, when my sister and then my brother passed, I remember my friends picking me up having a game night. It was those moments that remind me why games are so important in my life. I’m not very social and kind of shy, so games give me a buffer to connect with others.

TheCharityBoardGamer: So tell me about the charity that you are supporting.

Max: Here in Salt Lake City we have a Youth Resource Center by the VOA (Volunteers of America). That helps at risk youth get their high school diploma or help getting ready for a job interviews, and in many cases, just a safe place to eat or sleep. What I’m hoping to do is get these young people a library of games. I’m going to be hosting a few game nights at the center. My belief is that through board games we grow basic skills like reading, socializing, and critical thinking. This helps us in our every day life.

This is only the first step. Second, my plan is to hold a game auction at our local game convention, Salt Con. For this we’ll be taking game donations from local gamers with 100% of the proceeds going to the center.

TheCharityBoardGamer: That is awesome, Max! If someone wanted to help and donate a game, how could they reach you?

Max: The best way to reach me is through my email at

TheCharityBoardGamer: Where can people go to support the Youth Resource Center?

Max: You can reach out to them through their web site,

TheCharityBoardGamer: Max, thank you for sharing about this amazing opportunity. I wish you success in your quest to help the Youth Research Center.

Max: Thank you for your time!

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